Marble Countertops Ottawa – Update your Home with a Classic Marble Countertop

Experts agree: to maximize your home renovation investment, start in the kitchen and bathroom. Old fashioned elements in either of these key spaces can lend an outdated look and feel to your entire home.
If you're thinking of making updates, you already know - the process can be overwhelming! Visiting your local home renovation centre can leave you with more questions than answers, and more swatches than you can carry. When faced with literally thousands of choices, try not to be swayed by trends. Ask yourself: will I still love this look ten years down the road? Choose elements that you truly love and that also feel classic and timeless.
Start at the Surface
Whether considering an entire overhaul, or simple update, the countertop is a good jumping off point. The countertop is the focal and grounding point of your kitchen and bathroom. Even with no other new elements, the impact a new countertop can make on a space will amaze you. A beautiful counter can instantly update a space – making it feel fresh and current. New countertop offerings provide both beauty and functionality, at an affordable price.
Natural Stone: the Gold Standard
Natural stone countertops are the current gold standard for homeowners, making laminate a thing of the past. Stone surfaces can take a lot of damage, and are resistant to deep scratching – a place where laminate countertops fall short. A stone island or workstation is the ideal workspace for chopping and mincing, or rolling out pastry dough. Stone is less porous than other surfaces, harbors less bacteria, and can be installed seamlessly, putting an end to hard-to-clean, unsightly grout seams. A wipe with warm water and a gentle soap is all it takes to clean and maintain stone countertops. With proper maintenance, a natural stone countertop will last forever.
Marble Adds Timeless Elegance
With all these perks, updating from laminate to natural stone is a no-brainer. To ensure an enduring, classic look, many are turning to marble. Elegant marble provides a look that is at once completely current and timeless. Though many synthetic finishes attempt to replicate the beauty of marble's winding vein, none come close. As a natural stone, no two slabs are exactly alike, which means that every marble countertop is its own unique work of art.
Even the boldest and electrifying blue or purple variants are understated, meaning you will never tire of the quiet, understated elegance they bring to any space. Marble is also one of the few stone options that are available in pure white - a stunning and highly sought-after look.
Marble isn't completely impervious to chipping or staining, but many homeowners enjoy the romance of an enduring household element that contains traces of memories deep within it. The patina that develops from gentle wear is all part of the romantic look that marble achieves.